ELFI is a result of collaboration.


Further development of ELFI

Waardenburg Ecology and Visserij Service Nederland are continuously working on further developing and optimizing ELFI for cost efficiency, broader research subjects and higher data resolution. We are currently working on the following areas:

1) An automated counting system, so that it is known from minute to minute how many eels are detected, whereby coloured eels (see below) are also recognized.

2) An automatic transit system to prevents double counting and achieves higher migration efficiency.

3) ELFI is being modified so that it can also be used for research on river lamprey (Lampetra fluviatilis) and sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus). These species are listed by the IUCN Red List as “Susceptible” and “Critically Endangered” respectively.

4) In addition, we investigate the use of ELFI as a fish passage.

Customization on request

If you have a specific research question and are unsure whether ELFI provides you with the correct data, please do not hesitate to contact us. Customization is also possible to meet your requirements.